Richard K. Manigault










“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”


I am a New York City-based artist working mainly in oils, charcoal and
graphite. My work focuses on portraits, social commentary and historical
content. Specifically documenting my experience growing up in Harlem
during the late 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. I’m visually narrating my journey
through a world-renowned community during a historic and tumultuous
period; the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War and my family's
migration from both the South and Caribbean.

After working as a designer for thirty years and teaching for the City
University of New York for almost fifteen years I decided to attend
graduate school to get back my first (creative) love studio art. I
distinctly remember a comment my Pratt Institute advisor made to
me thirty years ago when I was about to graduate. My portfolio was critiques by this same advisor, that I met when I originally applied
to Pratt. He was impressed with the oil paintings and drawing that I
created while studying studio art at the State University at Binghamton,
for three years in the mid 1970's. Three years later after not seeing
the advisor since I entered the school, as I was about to graduate runs
into him, not only did he remembered me, but also my work—he had
expressed disappointment that I didn’t purse a career in studio art,
instead of design.

I have no regets—in fact I'm fortunate to have had an opportunity to do
it all, design and now persue a career as a studio artist. And of course
it's not as easy as I initially thought and that's fine, I'm having a great
time and being challenged as well, what more can one ask for.